Closed: Nov. 22 & 23, Dec. 24 & 25, Dec. 31, && Jan. 1

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4894 Haight Farm Road Fitchburg, WI 53711

From etching "Areins" onto their first rototiller in 1933 to stamping their logo onto zero-turn mowers today, putting their name on a machine is a very meaningful moment.  It means they believe in that machine.  They stand behind it and they've put everything they got into it.  Because they don't just put their family name on machines, they put their family name on the line.

They employee over 1400 specialists from designers, toll and die makers, metal stampers, welders, and powder-coat painters who make the Ariens name what it is.  Its all done in-house and at the highest level.  So when a machine reaches the end of the production line, they know its strong enough to bear the Ariens name.  

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