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2 Year Titanium Commercial Warranty

efco wants commercial users to know they can use efco products for their business with the certainty that efco will stand behind them.  The 2 year Titanium Commercial Warranty means that users don't need to worry about whether the products will last.  You can focus on business and be positive that you efco products will work job after job.  With the industry leading commercial warranty, ONE of the only 2 year commericial chain saw warranties in the USA, efco stands behind their products.

Authorized Dealer

We are proud to be an authorized dealer for efco gas powered equipment.  Their equipment and accessories can only be purchased through an authorized dealer.  If you are interested in a product or accessory that is listed on the efco website and we do not currently carry it, please contact us.  We can quote you a price and order the item for you.

Legendary Italian Design and Performance

No one on the planet has a more celebrated reputation for designing and buidling the world's leading engines - whether for exotic automobilies, motorcycles, or power equipment.  Based in Italy, efco shares the famed engineering talent that builds the world's most recognized engines.  You will experience the renowned Italian performance in every efco outdoor power product.

FiveYear, No Fear Warranty

With a five year consumer warranty, there is no doubt efco has complete confidence in the quality, construction, and durability of all efco products.  You can purchase each machine knowing that you can use them to their full potential year after year maintaining your property and starting new projects.  The Five Year, No Fear Warranty assures you that efco will stand behind their products 100 percent.  Efco products are power you can trust.

  • Performance 

High performace equipment to get any job done. 

  • Durability 

Equipment that has been built to take the abuse of a rugged work environment and stand the test of time. 

  • Efficiency 

With Burn Right engines, efco equipment is optimized for  performance while still being enviromentally friendly.

  • Ergonomics

Handles and straps that are designed to increase operator comfort, control, and safety make hard jobs easier.

  • Safety Safety standards to reduce accidents and injuries to keep every operator safe.

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