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Lawn mower

The grass is getting too tall and you've decided to mow, but there's a problem with your lawn mower. It happens to the best of the mowers, and Haight’s Mobile Maintenance experts are here to help. We’ll make sure your mower is running as efficiently as it should, so that you can go back to making your lawn look beautiful once again.

Lawn mower

Professionally maintained lawn mowers will save you money and time.

Whether you have a self-propelled mower or a push mower, we can handle all types and brands. If you’re experiencing a problem with your lawn mower don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we’ll come over to your house to fix it.

All types of lawn mowers

From generators to chainsaws, Haight's Mobile Maintenance can come to you and repair all types of equipment. Get in touch with us for expert repair and maintenance services in Madison and surrounding communities.

Full service repairs

From a loose handle to an engine replacement, we can handle whatever issues may arise with your equipment. Give us a call today and we can help assess the best course of action for your equipment.

We pay attention to details

Troubleshooting lawn mowers